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Grand Master Sung Hong Park
June 6th, 1941– July 25th, 2003

The founder of Park's Martial Arts Schools (PMA), established in 1981, Grand Master Park began his formal martial arts training at age eleven in 1953. He went on to attain the highest black belt degree of 9th Dan (Kukkiwon). GM Park was a living embodiment of PMA goals and was world renowned for his broad martial arts knowledge and expertise. We are fortunate indeed to have had his guidance.

Kwan Jang Nim

(President - Kwan Jang Nim)
Master Brian Alexander


Upon Grand Master Park's passing Master Alexander was formally acknowledged as the Successor Kwan Jang Nim (President) of Park's Martial Arts Schools (PMA). He was a charter member of PMA and its Board of Advisors and has since attained the highest Dan ranking in each discipline under the direct tutelage of Grand Master Park.

Master Alexander is the owner of the PMA Head Quarters School and oversees all PMA training and administration.

PMA Board of Directors
Master: Robert McBrien

A charter member of PMA and it's Board of Advisors Dr. Bob has attained Master classification. He is a clinical psychologist and became the very first Salisbury University Taekwondo Club advisor since he held the Director of Student Counseling at Salisbury University. He has since retired from Salisbury University and runs a private counseling practice. Presently, he specializes in teaching Tai Chi for health. He is also the Charter Advisor to the Delaware State Taekwondo Association of the United State Taekwondo Union.

Master: John Maddox

Master Maddox began his training in 1983 at the Berlin MD branch school. He took over the Berlin school in 1991. He also co-opened the Lewes DE school with Master Manning. Mr. Maddox has since attained Master classification in Taekwondo, black belt in Gumdo, studies Tai Chi and has color rank in Hapkido. He was appointed a Charter member of Park's Martial Arts Board of Advisors and appointed the Charter Maryland Master of the American Central East of the World Haidong Gumdo Federation.

Master: William Manning (Deceased)

Although now retired as the former Dept. Chief of Fenwick Police Department, Master Manning began his training at PMA HQ in 1988. He has been very active with PMA having opened a Lewes DE branch school in 1990 and a Fenwick DE school in 1995. Several of our senior Instructors and Black Belts began their training under his tutelage. He also has trained in Hapkido and Gumdo and was an Advisor to the Delaware State Taekwondo Association of the United State Taekwondo Union.

Note: Master Manning passed away at the age of 69 on July 16, 2009. We will miss him and honor his time and efforts with our martial arts family.

PMA Vice President: Master Jeremy Wolfer

Mr. Wolfer is the Vice President of PMA. He started his training at age 10 in New York State with Tang Soo Do, (which later became known as Soo Bak Do. He was first introduced to PMA while attending Salisbury University. Since that time he has attained Senior positions in Hapkido and Gumdo. He also holds a Black Belt in Taekwondo and is in the process of becoming a licensed Tai Chi (or Hao Chuan) instructor.

Hapkido President: Master Bradd Zullo

Master Zullo began his Hapkido training at Park's Martial Arts H.Q. (PMA) in the early 1990's.  He also has extensive martial arts training in numerous styles of martial arts beginning in his early teens.  Grand Master Park appointed Mr. Zullo the Head-Master of PMA Hapkido.  No other disciplines in PMA have had similar appointments to date.  To receive such a title/ position is very difficult to say the least and one must be technically proficient and skilled among other attributes.  Master Zullo has proven his competence and capabilities through perseverance and hard work and is an inspiration to us all.

Master Instructor: Amanda Jenkins

Amanda L. Jenkins began studying Taekwondo at Park's Martial Arts in the summer of 1986, achieving her 1st degree black belt in Jan. 1989. She currently holds the rank of 4th Dan.

She was the Master in Taekwondo at the Easton branch school since January 2002 until its closing in 2010. Unfortunately it had to close due to her moving from the area along with career scheduling conflicts. In addition to her martial arts, Amanda is a full time research scientist with a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry. While attending graduate school she also studied Aikido under Okimura sensei in Delaware.

Headquarters Instructors
  Senior TKD Instructor: Diana Dittmer

Diana attained her Taekwondo 3rd Dan on December 17, 2011

Diana began training at age 7 at the Park’s Martial Arts Seaford branch. In addition to instructing, Diana is a Captain of the PMA Eagles Competition Team. She has won Gold medals in National TKD competition as well as numerous state competition titles. Diana has been active with volunteering with the Horizons Program with The Salisbury School and the Children’s Beach House in Lewes Delaware.  Her college plans include majoring in elementary education.

TKD Instructor: Kevin Adams

Kevin attained his Taekwondo 3rd Dan on September 25, 1993

Kevin is a long time PMA student and Instructor and was the president and founder of the first Salisbury University Taekwondo club in 1985 under the supervision of Dr. and Master Robert McBrien. Kevin also has experience in the early classes of the Park's Martial Arts Hapkido program.

TKD Instructor: Dean McNelia Sr.

Dean attained his Taekwondo 3rd Dan on September 29, 2001

Dean is also a long time PMA student and instructor and father of Cory McNelia who is a Green Beret and another 3rd dan and highly talented Taekwondo student/instructor. Dean was one of the few black belts chosen by GM Park to study the coveted Bhong (long wooden staff) program. He also has Hapkido experience.

Manager/TKD Instructor: Walker Cogswell

Walker attained his Taekwondo 2nd Dan on December 19, 2009

Walker began his training at Park's Martial Arts with his father in 2006 at the Headquarters school in Salisbury, MD. Walker has traveled across the country with the PMA Eagle Competition Team and won various medals for sparring and forms competitions. Currently, he assists Diana with teaching the Taekwondo classes. Along with Taekwondo, Walker practices Hapkido, plays guitar, and likes to skateboard.


Gumdo Instructor: Lisa Ludwig

Lisa attained her Gumdo 2nd Dan on March 22, 2014

Ms. Ludwig has been with our PMA family since 1997 when she enrolled her daughter in our Taekwondo program (her daughter eventually winning the gold medal in the Taekwondo Junior Olympics). Ms. Ludwig is the Office Manager and Program Director and in addition to being the Senior Gumdo sword Instructor, she is currently training for her 1st Dan in Taekwondo and is also a student of TaiChi.


Tai Chi Assistant Instructor: James Yamakawa

James attained his Tai Chi 2nd Degree on May 12, 2013

James began his Park's Martial Arts Tai Chi training under Master Alexander in the fall of 2006 with a background in Chen style Tai Chi. James received and passed his current black belt test in May 2013 under Eli Montaigue who is the head of the World Taiji Boxing Association (WTBA). Note: Master Alexander is the Maryland representative of the WTBA.

Hapkido Assistant Instructor: Robert Lee Worth III

Lee attained his 1st Dan in Hapkido in August 2013.

Robert Lee Worth III began his training at Park's Martial Arts in 1997. Due to personal matters had to leave the school temporarily. Robert then rejoined Hapkido classes with his son in 2006. Robert tested for and received his

Hapkido Assistant Instructor: Ji Ho Park

Ji Ho attained his 1st Dan in Hapkido in August 2013.

Ji Ho is Grand Master Park's son and began his training at the PMA Berlin branch school when he was a child.  He attained the rank of 3rd Dan in Taekwondo in September 1989.  He left PMA for a period as an enlisted Merchant Marine. He has returned to PMA and is currently an assistant Hapkido instructor.


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