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Grand Master Sung Hong Park

Grand Master Park as a child.

GM Park and his wife on their marriage day.

His family.

GM Park with a young student at his Yeokchon, Seoul Korea Dojang.


A flyer from the opening of our current Dojang location in Salisbury, MD.

This Dojang was GM Park's second location and grew out of need

to expand to a larger facility.




GM Park in front of the original

Twilley Center Dojang in Salisbury, MD opened in 1981.

GM Park established the tradition of the annual summer picnic as a day for all our schools to come together for a day of fun, games and food
(lot's of food!).



The summer picnic affords us a chance to meet other students and instructors from our branch schools, and it gives us a chance to meet their families and friends, too in an atmosphere of relaxed fun.


He also created the tradition of awarding Black Belt Certificates, school awards, and other signs of gratitude to the many people that make Park's Martial Arts such a unique family of schools.

He was a Christian Minister of the Assembly of God denomination. Here he is giving an outdoor sermon at Schumaker Park in Salisbury MD.
GM Park (seated at table on right) with Guest Master Kim, Hyung Tai giving a test at his Seoul dojang around October 1976.
Students on testing day.
  Students and parents at Seoul Dojang. 
GM Park (far right) standing with his Seoul Dojang partner Master Lee, Ki Ho (in the red warm up suit), and Master Kim, Hyung Tai (far left).
GM Park presented with a token from President Great Grand Master Nam Suk Lee of the Chang Moo Kwan just prior to coming to America to start his new life for him and his family.
GM Park standing inside his very first USA dojang at the Twilley Center in Salisbury, MD.
GM Park at one of the earliest Kukkiwon Instructor/Referee Certifications 
GM Park (far left) arriving in Ecuador with Kukkiwon Vice President (white shirt) and GGM Lee (front center)
along with other dignitaries.
  GM Park was the Chief WTF International Referee at the PAN-AM games in Ecuador 
  Chang Moo Kwan's President GGM Lee's visit to Washington D.C. (sometime in the 1980's) with GM Park and now PMA President Brian Alexander.

Note: GM Park humorously said that no matter how high in rank he achieved GGM Lee would always call him "Instructor Park".
  GM Park's Charter Black Belts.

Left to right: Owen Morris, Phil Kim, Jeff Rowe, GM Park, Brian Alexander, Mike Hambrick, Joseph Smallwood, Maude Hambrick, Gary Wickham



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