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Check out our Special Offers

We offer special deals for each of our programs that we offer.   Check out our deals below FILL OUT THE FORM or GIVE US A CALL today at 410-749-4888 to claim your FREE Lesson!

 Taekwondo Promotion:

Special Taekwondo Offer!!!

Sign up for a new one year agreement and you will receive a free uniform, patch and belt.

Special offer available for new students only.

 Haidong Gumdo (Sword) Promotion:

Come try a FREE class to experience this effective, beautiful and unique sword art.

To learn more about our Haidong Gumdo (Sword) program check out our articles HERE

 Tai Chi Promotion:

Tai Chi training is intended to teach awareness of one's own balance and what affects its awareness of the same in others, an appreciation of the practical value in one's ability to moderate extremes of behavior and attitude at both mental and physical levels, and how this applies to effective self-defense principles.

To learn more about what makes our Tai Chi program so unique and special check out this important LINK

 Hapkido Promotion:

Come try a FREE class and see why Hapkido is one of the world's most comprehensive martial arts.

To learn more about our Hapkido program check out this LINK



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