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U.S.A. National Tai Chi Workshop 2017

Hosted by the World Taiji Boxing Association


November 3th-5th 2017

This will be the WTBA USA main annual workshop held over three days at our USA headquarters in Salisbury MD.


This year Eli will be covering the following:

Yang Lu Chan's form Second third. 

Eli will be trying to cover the whole second third of this form, but do not worry if you don't know the first third, it is not needed to be able to learn the second, just think of them as separate modules, you can learn them in any order, then once you know them all you can put them into the proper sequence. 
Eli will teach the form at its core foundation level, going over every detail, but also showing for those instructors and advanced students in the class the more advanced way of moving. 

Push Hands
Single push hands will be taught again like last time, but we will add in some important reading and reaction training. 

The Wu-Dang Hand Weapons
These are a set of 12 two person training methods, we will not have time to do all 12, so Eli will teach the following: Spear, Nun, Axe, Double Blades, Stump Puller. 
Eli has been focusing a lot on these in his classes, and has really enhanced his teaching of them. 
Also, anyone training in the other 7 can of course get some corrections on those. 

As usual anything else you might be practicing in your own time, you can ask questions about and get corrected. 


Parks Martial Arts

419 East Main Street

Salisbury, MD  21804




Training Schedule (for ALL 3 days):

·         10am Hand Weapons

·         11am YLC Form

·         1pm Lunch (Bring Your Own or get something at the nearby shops)

·         3pm Hand Weapons

·         4pm Push Hands

·         5pm YLC Form

·         6pm Questions and Answers, ask whatever you want, Eli will do his best to answer with explanation or demonstration.

·         7pm Finish (Sunday, we finish at 6pm)



First Timers Fee: $110, or $50 for one day. No deposit needed, but do let us know you're coming. 
(A first timer is someone who has never trained with Eli before)

Regular Fee:

Early Registration with Deposit of $50 paid by September 1st
$220 for WTBA Active Members
Free for children under the age of 18
$250 for everyone else 

Late Registration and walk ins
$280 for WTBA Active Members
$50 for children under the age of 18
$310 for everyone else 



La Quinta Inn & Suites

300 S. Salisbury Blvd.

Salisbury, MD 21801

Phone: 410-546-4400

Fax: 410-546-2528


We saved a block of rooms for $79.00 per night (plus tax).  When you make your reservations ask for the group rates under either “Park’s Martial Arts” or “WTBA”.

We chose this hotel since it is within a couple minutes walking distance to Park’s Martial Arts.



We will only be selling our limited stock at the workshop. So if you want specific merchandise you should order ahead of time at our USA store link http://www.taijiworld.com/USA-Store_c_93.html

Please book now for this workshop by contacting the Host Brian Alexander WTBA Chief Instructor for the USA. info@wtbausa.com



Brian Alexander

James Yamakawa

Lisa Ludwig




Fall 2015 East Coast Haidong Gumdo Training and Testing

Students and Masters

Masters and Instructors



2015 U.S.A. WTBA Workshop DVD's are here!

2015 U.S.A. WTBA Workshop



PMA President Master Alexander and Hapkido President Master Zullo presented the prestigious Hapkido Dan Certificates to Lee Worth and Ji Ho Park approximately one year after their Dan testing. The achievement of Hapkido Dan is extremely difficult. Congratulations gentlemen.




The 2014 U.S.A. World Taiji Boxing Association Workshop was a wonderful experience and a complete success! 

Rainy first day brought us indoors to PMA H.Q.


Arriving at the Park: The Head Master of the WTBA Eli Montaigue, followed by the Canadian Head Master Josephine Anderson, and lastly is the workshop Host and Maryland Head Master Brian Alexander.


Perfect weather Saturday and Sunday at Historical Pemberton Park.


Eli Montaigue doing what he does best...

Eli and Brian overseeing reversal variations for double push hands . 

Josephine with Senior WTBA Instructor Ron McCracken doing a detailed study of double push hands. 

Park's Martial Arts Senior Taiji Instructor James Yamakawa working with Josephine with Master Brian and event coordinator Ms. Lisa Ludwig in the background.   

PMA senior Taiji students Colleen Gifford teaching Linda Kallinen. PMA Taiji Black Belt Tyler Trainer is in the background.  

Newly appointed Taiji Black Belt Tyler Trainer contemplating the amazing details of Internal Martial Arts training...

The food was Fantastic and Healthy and received numerous compliments...thanks to Peaches 'n' Cream catering.

Thanks to PMA Black Belt Walker Cogswell for is assistance in filming/photographing and miscellaneous duties. 

Group photo taken on last day. Unfortunately a few students were not available for the picture.


↓    ↓    ↓    ↓    ↓    ↓    ↓    ↓

Congratulations to Tyler Trainer for attaining the 1st Level Instructor Degree on May 18, 2014 at the U.S.A. World Taiji Boxing Association Workshop held this past weekend. Head of the WTBA Eli Montaigue promoted Tyler based on first hand observation of Tyler's skill and knowledge of Taiji. Tyler is only the second person to achieve the black belt rank in the Park's Martial Arts Taiji class.  Well done!

Eli Montaigue with Tyler Trainer

Tyler 1st Dan




Have you read our Articles lately?

We'd love to get your feedback. 



March 2014 East Coast Haidong Gumdo Masters Seminar/Workshop

Several USA East Coast Gumdo Masters attended the intensive seminar/workshop under the World Haidong Gumdo Federations Head Master of Education, Jeong-Woo, Kim.

Also, we'd like to congratulate Ms. Lisa Ludwig for her successful promotion to Haidong Gumdo 2nd dan black belt who wear the white uniform with gold embroidery.




2014 USA Haidong Gumdo Seminar Schedule

First Half of Year:

USA Head Master Jeong-Woo, Kim

1. San Francisco, California : 3rd~7th March (Master Y. J. Choi)
2. Salt Lake City, Utah : 7th~10th March (Master Marshall Parnell)
3. Irvine, California : 10th~14th March (Master S. H Lee)
4. Toronto, Canada : 14th~17th March (Master Brian Ghim)
5. Minneapolis, Minnesota : 17th~21st March (Master Robert Frankovich)
6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania : 21st~24th March (Master Frank Bergman)
7. Buffalo, New York : 24th~28th March (Master S. K. Chung)
8. Albany, New York : 28th ~ 31st March (Master Il Nam Yang)
9. Laurel, Maryland : 31st March ~ 4th April (Master Hyun Suk Lee)
10. San Antonio, Texas : 4th~7th Nov. (Master Julian Vasquez)
11. Atlanta, Georgia : 18th~21st Nov. (Master Min Su Seo)


  • 2013 Fall Harvest Party!


ALL PMA and Affiliate schools, students, friends and family are invited. 

WHEN: Saturday, October 26th,  Starts PROMPTLY at 4pm and ends 8pm  (Rain date is Saturday, Nov 1st)

WHERE: Master Alexander's home

WHAT: Hayride,  Forest lantern walk, Bon Fire, Games, Pumpkins, Food, Fun and Fellowship!

BRING: A side dish or dessert! Main fare and beverages will be provided by host. Dress appropriately and bring your own outdoor chairs and blankets.

Donations Requested:

$5 - Single, $10 - Couple, and $15 - Family (3 or more)

Call or See Ms. Lisa for Details & Directions!



Congratulations to our New Hapkido Black Belts!

Mr. Robert Lee Worth III (bottom right) and Mr. Ji Ho Park, GM Park's son (bottom left) successfully passed the grueling PMA 1st Dan Hapkido test on August 24, 2013. A PMA Hapkido black belt is very difficult to attain and highly coveted.  There have only been 15 black belts since Hapkido began and the last 1st Dan test was 8 years ago. Gentlemen, prepare yourselves to now begin your official Hapkido training! In the words of GM Park, "Everything before 1st Dan is merely exercise", and preparation.


Congratulations to Miyuki Schoyen!

On July 5th, Miyuki participated in her very first USAT National Championships in Chicago, Illinois! She was in the 12-14 Blue Belt Light-Heavy division of 5 fighters. Miyuki sparred two times, each fight consisting of 3 one minute rounds. Miyuki's last fight even went into over time. After her first National Championships, Miyuki came back home with a Silver Medal!


2013 U.S.A. Tai Chi Workshop Success!

Thanks to ALL participants and the World Tai Chi Boxing Association Successor Eli Montaigue!

DVD's are available at our store link

or through PayPal.


Robert Joseph

Born: 11-13-1953trong>Born: 11-13-1953

Went Home: 2-28-2013

Robert was a kind, jovial and enthusiastic person and Taekwondoist who began his PMA training at the Salisbury school headquarters under Grand Master Park, then continued his training at the Seaford branch school until he received his black belt. We will miss him dearly.


He is survived by his wife Anne Marie Joseph and children, Kesna Joseph, Rosalene Joseph, Mchenry Joseph, McGee Joseph, Phlegon Joseph.


Robert's Wake will be held at 6pm to 9pm on

Friday March 8, 2013 at Cranston Funeral Home.

                                         Address: 300 N Shipley Street

    Seaford, DE 19973


Robert's funeral service will be held at 12 noon on

Saturday, March 9, 2013 at Church of Nazarene.

                                 Address: 3381 Houston Branch Road

Federalsburg, MD 21632



  • Holiday Closing


  • US East Coast Haidong Gumdo Master Seminar

The Fall Season US East Coast  Haidong Masters, Black Belt Test and Student Seminar was held in Levittown, PA this past weekend (Nov 6-7) with WHDGF Head Education Master Jeong-Woo, Kim. Unfortunately many Masters and participants were unable to attend due to Hurricanes Sandy. However, we still had thorough and productive seminar. Head Master Kim is one of the very best and most talented Haidong Gumdo Masters in the world. We were honored to train with him. Both Master Alexander and Instructor Lisa Ludwig attended.

2012 HDGD East Seminar


  • PMA Fall Harvest Party!


ALL PMA and Affiliate schools, students, friends and family are invited. 

WHEN: October 27th,  Starts PROMPTLY at 4pm and ends 8pm  (weather permitting)

WHERE: Master Alexander's home

WHAT: Hayride,  Forest lantern walk, Bon Fire, Games, Pumpkins, Food, Fun and Fellowship!

Bring a side dish. Main fare and beverages will be provided by host. Dress appropriately and bring your own outdoor chairs and blankets.

Donations Requested: $5 per person - $10 per family

See Ms. Lisa for details!


  • Best Wishes to Master Jeremy Wolfer! (July 2012)

Master Wolfer has moved to San Diego California. We wish him all the best in his new life. And will miss him very much.

Master Wolfer became a PMA family member back in 1989 when he joined our Salisbury University Martial Arts Club. He was already a Black Belt in Soo Bak Do at that time starting his talented martial arts career at the age of eight. Master Wolfer was the third highest ranked Hapkido student in PMA only after Kwan Jang Nim Brian Alexander and Hapkido President Bradd Zullo.  He also attained the Black Belt in Haidong Gumdo (sword art) and was a Tai Chi and Qigong student.

Following are some pictures taken the week of his departure in July 2012.


  • Best Wishes to Instructor Cory McNelia! (July 2012)

We wish Instructor Cory McNelia all the very best as he joins the U.S.A. Green Berets. Cory started his training at PMA at age 8 and is currently 25. Below are some recent pictures taken of Cory with his Hapkido and Taekwondo families. We will miss him very much and pray for his safe duty and return.



  • World Taiji Boxing Association - USA Camp SUCCESS!


  • Lisa Ludwig in May/June 2012 Shore Women Magazine


  • Congratulations to Tiffany Meadows (center) for achieving Adult Black Belt! Note: In Taekwondo poom belts (or junior black belts which wear a combination red and black belt) become adult full black belts at the age of 15.


  • Congratulations to Diana Dittmer and Cory McNelia for passing their Taekwondo 3rd Degree Black Belt Test on December 17, 2011! Note: This is a very difficult test to qualify for not to mention pass.

Cory and Diana 


Image Detail 






Image Detail


THRIVE (Video) - A Practical Vision of How to Make a Healthy and Prosperous World

Image Detail 


The Nature of Reality (Videos) - A Vision of Reality Based on Love not Fear

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