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About our Founder - Grand Master Sung Hong Park   About our President - Master Brian Alexander


Our Founder

Grand Master Sung Hong Park

June 6, 1941 - July 25, 2003

Who was Grand Master Sung Hong Park?


To his peers, students and those who knew him best Grand Master Park was a Master's Master. He was a deeply spiritual and moral man who remained loyal and devoted to his faith, family, friends, students and to the philosophy of martial arts as a complete way-of-life. He faithfully honored his teachers and lineage but also recognized modern needs and trends. He did his best to uphold the core attributes of true martial arts training, demonstrating what skills and values mattered most and how they could be effectively implemented in ones daily life.

Grand Master Park's martial arts roots began after the Japanese occupation of Korea in 1953. At that time only a few Kong Soo Do, (later to be known as Taekwondo) martial arts schools were opened. His first lessons began at the Kong Soo Do - Chang Moo Kwan school (dojang). During this time, his training was not exclusively Chang Moo Kwan. Eventually he was chosen by his teacher to study other martial arts and complimentary healing arts/sciences.

What did Grand Master Park mean by "true martial arts"?

We have come to understand that the references of "true martial arts" revolved around teaching the art along with the science of self-defense as a balanced way-of-life. It can be observed that his well-balanced philosophy covers the complete person, (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual attributes). Such an approach can be applicably sub-divided into a Um/Yang (Yin/Yang) paradigm consisting of balancing opposites. The martial expression being divided into empty hand and weapon self defense which utilizes both the linear and circular approaches also combining internal attributes found in Ki (active life force) and Son (Zen or meditative) training. Further, he included knowledge of both Western and Eastern healing practices; along with the important connection to tradition and lineage, which recognizes the time-tested validation of techniques and teacher-to-student connection so necessary for proper maturity and character cultivation. We are indeed fortunate to have him as our founder.

Accomplishments and Recognitions:

Various Martial Arts/ Educational Degrees and Certifications:


  • 1952
    Began studies in Chang-Moo-Kwan

  • 11/9/58
    In School Teachers Certificate from Great Grand Master Ki Soon Lee

  • 8/19/69
    B.S. Degree in Civil Engineering Hanyang University

  • 10/19/71
    5th Dan, International Taekwondo Federation Instructor (ITF)

  • 9/19/73
    Certification in Ji-Ap Therapy, Ji-Ap Therapy Association

  • 1/19/74
    Korea Acupuncture Certificate, Korea Acupuncture Association

  • 12/19/78
    D.R.E. Degree in Theology, Full Gospel Theological College

  • 3/15/79
    7th Dan , Korea Ki Do Association (KKA)

  • 11/19/81
    Certification of Appointment, Full Gospel World Mission Incorporated

  • 5/19/82
    World Taekwondo Federation International Referee

  • 5/19/88
    M.A. Degree in Theology, Faith Theological Seminary

  • 5/19/94
    D.R.E. Degree in theology, Faith Theological Seminary

  • 9/19/97
    9th Dan, The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF)

  • 10/27/99
    9th Dan Black Belt, Chang Moo Kwan (CMK)

  • 8/13/00
    7th Dan, The World Haidong Gumdo Federation (HDGD)

  • 11/4/01
    Tai Chi Instructors License


  • 1/14/96
    Citation, The World Taekwondo Federation

  •  1/19/96
    Appreciation Award, Ministry of Culture and Sports, Korea

  • 4/26/97
    Mayor's Citation, City of Baltimore

  • 10/25/97
    Citation, Governor of Maryland

  • 5/1/99
    Citation, Senate of Maryland



  • 3/1981-7/25/03
    Minister - Full Gospel Salisbury Church

  • 9/1981-7/25/03
    Grand Master/ Founder - Park's Martial Arts
    (Taekwondo, Hapkido, Kumdo/Gumdo, Tai Chi)

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PMA President/CEO

(Kwan Jang Nim)

Master Brian Alexander

Upon Grand Master Park's passing Master Alexander was formally acknowledged as the Successor Kwan Jang Nim (President) of Park's Martial Arts Schools (PMA). He is a charter member of PMA and its Board of Advisors and has attained the highest Dan ranking in each discipline under the direct tutelage of Grand Master Park.

Master Alexander's continuing martial arts education is in the hands of well respected Grand Masters who were personal friends and associates of the late Grand Master Park, as well as other relevant Federations and Associations Masters and Grand Masters.

It is Master Alexander's vision and duty to continually strive for perfection in the study of the world's greatest martial arts and pass these extremely valuable traditions and life skills onto his black belts and students.

Master Alexander is the Owner of the PMA Headquarters School and oversees all PMA training and administration.


Accomplishments and Recognitions:

Various Martial Arts/ Educational Degrees and Certifications:


  • 1978
    Private instruction in Shotokan Karate and other
    eclectic martial arts

  • 1982
    Joined PMA

  • 1984
    Received honorary PMA 1st Dan Taekwondo Black Belt

  • 1986
    Began Hapkido 

  • 9/27/86
    Received official PMA & Kukkiwon Taekwondo Black Belt

  • 1991
    Began Gumdo

  • 9/10/94
    Received Hapkido Black Belt (overdue test date but by personal choice)

  • 12/18/94
    Kukkiwon Academy Diploma - 1st U.S. TKD Instructors Training Seminar

  • 1/1/96
    Korean Taekwondo Association of U.S.A. Representative Installation of Office

  • 1/14/96
    Korean Taekwondo Association of U.S.A. – Diploma of Commendation 

  • 5/11/96
    Received Chang Moo Kwan 4th Dan Black Belt

  • 4/26/97
    Received Korean Ji-Ap Acupressure Certification

  • 10/5/98
    Received Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Education 

  • 2/19/99
    Appointed Managing Director of U.S. Haidong Gumdo Eastern Region

  • 11/19/00
    Received Haidong Gumdo 4th Dan Black Belt

  • 5/01/01
    General Secretary Delaware State TKD Association of the USTU

  • 9/26/01
    Certificate of License – USTU Master Instructor

  • 3/08/03
    National Level USTU Certified Referee 

  • 2003
    Received Tai Chi Black Belt degree – World Taiji Boxing Association

  • 9/14/03
    Became Successor President and Owner of PMA – Subsequently inherited Head Master titles and rank in all PMA disciplines

  • 3/20/04
    Kukkiwon 5th Dan, Approving Grand Master Chang, Se Yong

  • 12/4/04
    Award of Commendation - Gwang Ju City TKD Association of the Republic of Korea

  • 2005
    Received Tai Chi 2nd degree Black Belt and Maryland State
    Chief Instructor – World Taiji Boxing Association

  • 2006
    Chang Moo Kwan 6th Dan – Approving Grand Master Kim, Hyung Tai

  • 2009
    Kukkiwon 6th Dan – Approving Grand Master Chang, Se Yong

  • 2010
    Received Tai Chi 3rd degree Black Belt – World Taiji Boxing Association

  • 6/08/2014
    Han Moo Do Federation - Hapkido 7th Dan

  • December 2014
    Moo Do In - Martial Arts Master's Association Member

  • May 2015
    World Taiji Boxing Association - Appointed Senior Representative for WTBA USA Association


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